Sporty pumps at SAP Arena, Mannheim



The SAP Arena, opened in September 2005 in Mannheim, is one of the most modern sport and event venues in Europe. The building is a hugely versatile multifunctional arena: as well as ice hockey and handball games, the programme includes classical music concerts, musicals and large conferences held by local companies. Quick and easy conversion from an ice stadium to a handball pitch, a concert hall or a theatre stage is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Daniel Hopp, managing director of the SAP Arena in Mannheim: "We can reconvert the arena within around 12 hours -that means we can hold completely different events in the same weekend."

The Situation
While in these kinds of contracts the main contractor selects the best technology supplier, the investor still has a say in the matter. As Hopp says, "we want to operate economically without disregarding the need to protect the environment and save resources." The investor, who will also run the Arena for 30 years, has paid careful attention to the issue of operating costs. This coincides well with the company philosophy of Imtech Deutschland GmbH, responsible for practically the entire building services for the SAP Arena project. The company sees itself as a partner for complex building services and integrated project management. "We optimise working processes in line with customer goals. As the main technical service provider we can reduce interfaces to a minimum and reconcile the functions of all systems to the last detail," explains Intech project manager Heiner Daniels. And he adds: "When optimising technical systems we concentrate on type of use, duration of use and investment and operating costs."

The Grundfos Solution
These considerations also played a key role in the selection of the pump supplier, as Heiner Daniels explains: "We decided on Grundfos for this project because this manufacturer offers a complete range of pumps for building services. It also makes sense to single-source all units from the perspectives of technological compatibility and subsequent maintenance." Grundfos pumps were chosen for the water supply (pressure boosting), heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The Outcome
And -in accordance with the requirements of the investor and future SAP Arena operator -particular attention was paid to low energy costs and seamless integration into the central monitoring system. All the main pumps in the heating and refrigeration sectors are connected via LON-Bus to the central process control system which monitors them for faults. The main pumps are otherwise each equipped with a frequency converter and are speed-controlled so that they operate in the optimum output range at all times. According to Heiner Daniels: "This results in enormous energy savings compared to unregulated units. Speed-controlled pumps also simplify the overall network. We do not need expensive control valves and hydraulic adjustment is far more straightforward." The project manager is also satisfied with the service and advice given by this pump manufacturer and particularly welcomed its support in designing the pressure booster.


Grundfos pumps in the SAP Arena


The SAP Arena, Mannheim




Grundfos pumps in the SAP Arena

  • Refrigeration pumps:
    dry rotor TP, TPD (Duplex) pumps, TPE, NB end-suction pumps.

  • Heating pumps:
    Magna, UPE and UPS pumps

  • Pressure booster / circulation:
    Hydro 2000 ME and Hydromono and/or UP and UPS models UP and/or UPS B 100-series circulator pumps


Grundfos pumps

SAP Arena: The facts The training hall with two ice rinks and a main hall give the impression of being separate building shells connected by a transparent zone. The large conference room with capacity for 13,800 people has a 'floating' conical roof structure which projects far beyond the building shell. Particularly at night when the SAP-Arena in Mannheim is illuminated with coloured light, this floating roof gives the building its unmistakable appearance even from afar. The functions -promenades and theatre boxes and/or stairways are clearly defined in the facade design. An aluminium panel separates the horizontally-divided main facade from the transparent glass facade of the core of the building.

Roof support structure: self-supporting steel truss girder construction with double -walled self-supporting roof structure. Facade: steel, aluminium and glass curtain facade. Gross floor space: 44,200 m² (Arena 36,200 m², training halls 8,000 m²). Ice hockey rink: 30 x 60 m.

Grundfos pump


Grundfos pumps

"This results in enormous energy savings compared to unregulated units. Speed-controlled pumps also simplify the overall network. We do not need expensive control valves and hydraulic adjustment is far more straightforward." Heiner Daniels