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The CareFlight Group Queensland collectively represents Australia’s largest air medical retrieval operation, carrying out more than 3,000 emergency rescues each year. CareFlight Rescue is a not-forprofit charitable organisation which operates the group’s rescue helicopters. With a response time of as little as six minutes, its dedicated pilots and aircrew operate a fleet of helicopters including, a Bell 412, Bell 230 and a AS350BA Squirrel.

In late 2006 when CareFlight Rescue opened a service in Toowoomba, about an hour’s drive west of Brisbane, it needed to be able to wash down the helicopter that is permanently stationed there.

The Situation
Helicopters are very expensive to maintain, and a regular washdown – especially after every flight – is an essential part of their maintenance programme. However, Toowoomba is currently experiencing drought conditions and using town water was out of the question. CareFlight Rescue sought sponsorship and obtained a 15,000 litre tank to collect rainwater from the hangar roof. It then approached local Grundfos Dealer, McCracken’s Water Services of Toowoomba, to source a pump suitable for their application.

The Grundfos Solution
McCracken’s Water Services was highly supportive and approached Grundfos - and the result was the donation of a JP Rain 2MP self priming pump. McCracken’s installed the pump inside the hangar about 15 metres from the outside tank, and also fitted a tap that can be connected to a hose. It was a very simple installation, but ideal for CareFlight Rescue’s needs.

The Outcome
Despite Toowoomba still being at level 5 water use (which means that outdoor use of a hose connected to town water is prohibited) rainfall has been sufficient to fill the tank and maintain a ready supply of water.

As CareFlight Group Corporate Relations Manager, Leanne Angel says: “Thanks to Grundfos and McCracken’s Water Service we now have an efficient method of cleaning the Toowoomba helicopter. It works extremely well and is a breeze to use!”

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An efficient method of helicopter wash down that is easy to use, and complies with water restrictions.


Toowoomba, Queensland


McCracken’s Water Services

An efficient method of helicopter wash down that is easy to use, and complies with water restrictions.

JP Rain 2MP self priming pump


JP Rain 2MP self priming pump
JP Rain 2 MP self priming pump

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