Grundfos CRK pumps for advanced mobile concrete pumping equipment



Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of specialised mobile equipment for pumping wet concrete. Based in Korea, Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. was founded in 1980. Since then, their market has grown substantially and to-day, specialised equipment manufactured by Jun Jin is being exported to a number of markets throughout the world. Particularly in Europe, Jun Jin has established a strong market position. In 2003 the value of the company’s export exceeded USD 16 million.

The company recently moved to brand new, technologically advanced production facilities at Chungbuk. The factory covers over 1.5 million square metres, and the company employs more than 150 people at the factory and service centre.

The situation
Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. has specialised in mobile concrete pumping units of various designs. The product line include 14 different models of truck-mounted boom pumps, 4 different models of line pump units, and a “shotcrete” unit.

The mobile units are based on imported truck brands such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz, M.A.N., and Mack, and each concrete pump unit can be adapted to the individual customer’s specifications and requirements.

As soon as the concrete has been delivered at the building site, the system must be washed thoroughly down in order to prevent hardened concrete to settle in the system. Therefore, each unit is equipped with a water tank with one or two Grundfos CRK pumps installed.

The Grundfos solution
The Grundfos CRK immersible pumps are ideal for pumping liquids from an enclosed tank. The CRK pumps offer a flow capacity from 1 to 22 m³/h, at pressures up to 25 bar. The CRK pumps are designed for long periods of trouble-free operation with little or no maintenance required. For semi-aggressive liquids, or where high-grade quality materials are required, the CRK pumps are available in special versions with the pump parts made of high-grade stainless steel.

The Grundfos CRK pumps can be supplied for tank installation depths of up to 1005 mm. A special priming screw protects against dry running, however, the CRK pumps are capable of withstanding shorter periods of dry running if a problem should occur.

In addition to the standard range, the Grundfos CRK pumps are available in customised versions, purpose constructed for individual requirements and particularly difficult working conditions or difficult-tohandle liquids.

The outcome
Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. is currently manufacturing more than 30 concrete pump units, employing some 30 Grundfos CRK pumps every month. The Jun Jin concrete pumps have a very important role to play in connection with building projects in all corners of the world. These are projects where a delay as a result of equipment break down could have serious consequences. Component reliability is, therefore, of paramount importance. With the Grundfos CRK pumps, Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. experience trouble-free operation, and, when service and maintenance work is required, this is readily available locally regardless of the final destination of the machines.


Trouble-free operation - Hardwearing, easy-to-maintain pumps - A competitive price level - Worldwide service




Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.

Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.

Grundfos provided

  • Trouble-free operation
  • Hardwearing, easy-to-maintain pumps
  • A competitive price level
  • Worldwide service


Pumps used

  • CRK4-160/16 (50HZ), approx. 50 pumps per month


Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.
Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.

Mr. Tae yung Kim, Quality Control Manager of Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co., Chungbuk, Korea.

“Jun Jin Heavy Industry Co. builds concrete pumps of the highest quality for a global market. Reliability and performance are of paramount importance to us and to our international customers. Grundfos is a preferred supplier of specialised equipment, as this company fully lives up to our own high standards of quality and commitment.”

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