Game, set and match to Grundfos Olympic tennis venue well covered by Danish pump producer



In tennis, you’re allowed two faults before losing the point. In the pump world, faults – and certainly not double faults – are not an option. So when the builders of the Olympic tennis venue in Athens needed a trustworthy and qualified partner for their project, Grundfos was selected as their doubles partner.

The Situation
The 2004 Olympic tennis events will be staged at the Olympic Tennis Centre in the Athens Olympic Sports Complex. Before this, however, a new central tennis court with seating for up to 8,000 spectators needed to be planned and built.The construction of support facilities under the seating tiers of the central court including locker rooms, a medical centre, administration offices, a VIP lounge and so on. In addition, the outlying courts and training grounds needed to be reconstructed.

The Grundfos Solution
Over 200 Grundfos pumps cover a wide range of applications including water supply, heating and air-conditioning, wastewater and fire fighting. Leading the way are almost 160 UPS circulator pumps, with a couple dozen AP-and KP wastewater pumps also on the team among others.

The Outcome
From the initial score of love-love until game, set and match has been called in the gold-medal match, Grundfos pumps and pumping systems support the Olympic Tennis Venue in the best possible way. The hard-hitting and innovative player from Denmark has served another ace!


A stable partnership - Precision in delivery - Customised system solutions


Olympic Tennis Centre in the Athens Olympic Sports Complex




  • A stable partnership
  • Precision in delivery
  • Customised system solutions



85 series 200 UPS circulators
74 series 100 UPS circulators
14 LM/CLM/TP In-Line pumps
10 NB80/100 end-suction pumps
8 GZ500LT storage/diaphragm tanks

24 AP12-AP50B–KP350 twin pump units with control panels
8 S1124,SV074 Sarlin twin pump units with control panels

1 FF system consisting of NB 40-250/260+NK 40-250+CR5


Kenneth Carlsen from Team Denmark
Combining finesse with power and speed make for a great tennis player, like Kenneth Carlsen from Team Denmark.


UPS pump
UPS pumps from Grundfos are reliable, efficient players on the circulation playing field.


“We required reliable and well designed pumps suitable for every application: sewage, drainage, fire fighting etc. The brand name of Grundfos is equated with a high level of reliability in terms of both operation and after sales service i.e. guarantee terms, service coverage during the Games, and pump serviceability.” Mr Vasilis Kenanidis, mechanical engineer, J/V MOHLOSINTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS


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