Cutting the cost of district heating



The Situation
Göteborg Energi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Göteborg Kommunala Förvaltnings AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company provides district heating, cooling, natural gas, energy services, an optical fibre network and an electricity supply network. The Göteborg Energi district heating network extends over a length of 700 km, and provides heating for more than 90% of all the apartment blocks in Gothenburg.

Göteborg Energi focuses on providing cost-effective heating, and the company believes in sharing its knowledge with its customers. This is why Göteborg Energi almost always recommends speed-regulated pumps. In addition to providing comfort, Grundfos MAGNA solutions provide customers with the most economical system available.

Many owners of apartment blocks employ specialists in property management and residential services, such as Riksbyggen in Gothenburg. Over half a million people live in dwellings managed by Riksbyggen, an all-round service company specialising in this kind of facility management.

Riksbyggen manages a number of building complexes in Gothenburg, and in many cases, central control of the heating applications makes it possible to monitor several buildings at the same time. Whenever a fault shows up, the company sends someone responsible for that area to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

The Grundfos Solution
When jobs involving renovation work are required, three partiesare often involved – the customer/owner, the heating provider and sometimes the company that manages the buildings and properties.

Grundfos plays an important role by supplying equipment for such renovation projects. “We always recommend speed-regulated pumps,” says Mr. Roger Svensson, project engineer at Göteborg Energi AB. “In fact, we’ve installed MAGNA pumps in our own head office. We use this facility to show customers exactly how the system works and to point out the advantages and benefits of speedregulated pumps.”

The Outcome
“Riksbyggen installed MAGNA 65-60 speed-regulated pumps in 84 apartments in Gothenburg, and we can see a great improvement,” says Mr Stig Ljungberg, operating technician at Riksbyggen. “The low-flow systems now used in new buildings require precise programming to achieve cost-effective operation,” he continues. “We’ve been able to achieve this by programming the Grundfos MAGNA speed-regulated pumps in smaller steps than were previously possible.”


Cutting the cost of district heating


Göteborg Kommunala Förvaltnings AB in Gothenburg, Sweden


Göteborg Energi AB


Apartment blocks in Gothenburg
Apartment blocks in Gothenburg


Mr. Roger Svensson
Mr. Roger Svensson, project engineer at Göteborg Energi AB


Grundfos MAGNA
Grundfos MAGNA - intelligent speed-controlled pumps.


Mr. Stig Ljunberg
Mr. Stig Ljunberg, operating technician at Riksbyggen

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