Customised solution for Switzerland’s largest shopping centre



The Situation
Einkaufszentrum Glatt is the largest independent shopping centre in Switzerland, and is at the top of the Swiss league in terms of annual turnover (CHF
632.5 million in 2003). Covering more than 43,000 m2, this complex features two department stores, four specialised retail stores, five restaurants, four bars and 90 specialty shops, with parking space for 4,750 cars. The shopping centre employs approximately 1,250 people and was visited by 6,925 million customers in 2003.

Einkaufszentrum Glatt was built 30 years ago, and the original pump installations required replacement. Spare parts were no longer available and the air dome was due for mandatory testing, which would incur extra costs.

Grundfos had previously established a good reputation in its relationship with the shopping centre, in terms of both products and service. Experience had shown that Grundfos products were reliable, efficient and competitively priced.

The Grundfos Solution
Grundfos customised a new installation to meet the customer’s specific requirements, working on the basis of a standard configuration. This solution included two 2.2 kW S-Hydro 2000 ME 2CRE 5-16 pumps with two expansion vessels. Use of one single larger vessel would have meant falling within the EU mandatory testing requirements.

The installation supplies service water to the high-rise block in the shopping centre, with specifications as follows: Q = 16 m3/h, H = 55 mWS.

The Outcome
Mr Rudolf Lieberherr, manager, says: “This pump installation will improve the quality of the plant and keep the water pressure constant. Previously, the difference in pressure between inlet and outlet was greater.”

The new pump installation provides Einkaufszentrum Glatt with greater capacity, and there is also leeway for subsequent extension of the plant, if required. A Grundfos monitoring system ensures the smooth running of the installation.

Mr Lieberherr continues: “With this new installation, we are again guaranteed the availability of spare parts and service. We are very pleased with the Grundfos solution.”


Grundfos Hydro 2000 systems are installed to get the optimal pressure boosting solution


Einkaufszentrum Glatt, Switzerland




The shopping centre by night
The shopping centre by night


Grundfos Hydro 2000
Grundfos Hydro 2000 systems are installed to get the optimal pressure boosting solution


Grundfos pumps
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