Grundfos Product Center gives customers ‘virtual showroom’

Grundfos makes new Product Center with the customer in mindGrundfos Global Marketing Manager Martin Petersen presents the Grundfos Product Center at the global launch ceremonies at Grundfos headquarters in Bjerringbro, Denmark.
The online toolbox
PHOTO: The new Grundfos Product Center works well on all devices, including tablets and smart phones, says Martin Petersen of Grundfos.

Can selecting a pump system be as easy as ordering from

That is the idea behind the Grundfos Product Center, which puts all Grundfos pump information at the customer’s fingertips via a simple online system. Using search parameters as basic as head and flow, customers can find CAD drawings, instructional videos and service kits for all pumps that are appropriate for their specific installation.

“This is our virtual showroom for customers,” says Global Marketing Manager Martin Pedersen. “It’s a place where customers can see what Grundfos is doing and it’s a tool that will help them choose which products they need.”

Putting the customer first

All aspects of the Grundfos Product Center are designed with the customer in mind, says Grundfos department head Lars Larsen.

“We developed this using an ‘outside-in’ perspective. We wanted to know what our customers were looking for and how they wanted to find it,” he says.

The new system allows the customer to find information via:

Quick Search – Search for a specific pump and find size and replacement information.
Liquid Guide – Enter your liquid, temperature, and concentration to find the pumps that can do the job.
Quick Size – Simply enter the head and flow of your desired pump and the system will find all Grundfos pumps that meet those criteria.

• Customized Results – Search results for suggested replacements for existing pumps are categorized into options for the least expensive pumps, the pumps with the lowest energy consumption, and the pumps with the lowest lifecycle cost.
• Expanded Product Information – The center has a database of CAD drawings, spare part information, service kits, and instructional videos.

"We developed this using an ‘outside-in’ perspective. We wanted to know what our customers were looking for and how they wanted to find it."

Martin Pedersen, Grundfos Global Marketing Manager

Built from the ground up

Development of the Grundfos Product Center began two years ago with extensive customer interviews. Lars Larsen says that this research revealed that customers were looking for a system that was easier to use than the company’s existing WebCAPS system.

“They were looking for a simple ordering tool that could be accessed 24/7 from any device," he says. “With this system we put the most important functions in front of the customer immediately.”

Other user-friendly features include:

• Accessibility - Access to the Grundfos Product Center from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone
User Settings - The system saves the user’s language, currency, saved items, and recently viewed products.
Saved Projects - Registered users are able to save their entire project for future reference. Replacements and spare parts are always just a click away.

The Grundfos Product Center replaces the current WebCAPS system, which was developed 12 years ago. Martin Pedersen says that while WebCAPS offered a wealth of information for customers, the new product center is easier to navigate.

“WebCAPS was made in Google’s early days – before smartphones really kicked in,” he says. “The digital world has changed since then, and Grundfos needed a platform that can adjust to the needs of modern customers.”

"This Product Center is a tool box for our customers."

Martin Pedersen, Grundfos Global Marketing Manager

A future-proof solution

Martin Pedersen says that the Grundfos Product Center is designed as a solid base.

“It’s flexible, modular, and scalable,” he says. “This is not just a one-shot software that will stick for 7 years and then become obsolete. We see this as a platform to support our future development.”

In the coming years Martin Pedersen says Grundfos will be developing specific application tools that can help customers who have certain needs – like CAD drawings for those in Commercial Building Services or a Pump Pit Creator tool.
“This Product Center is a tool box for our customers,” says Pedersen. “Open it up and inside you will increasingly find tools that are specifically related to your project and industry.”

More information

The Grundfos Product Center was launched in May 2014 and replaced the WebCAPS system. All user data from the WebCAPS system will be migrated to the new center. WebCAPS will no longer be in use after October 2014.

The center can be accessed without signing in, but registered users will have access to more information including saved user preferences, saved products, and recent browsing history.

The Grundfos Product Center works on all devices including tablets and mobile phones. An offline version of the product center will be released in 2015.

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